Theo Coggin

A blog on communications


Good day, I’m Theo Coggin.  After much cajoling from several quarters, I decided to start my own blog on writing tips. I have more than 40 year’s experience in communications and have run courses in writing since 1976.

My blog will contain both tips and some anecdotes of a lifetime of writing, reporting, and training in communications. From time to time I may include some comment or commentary on communication trends, events et al.

In case you’re wondering who I am and where I’ve been, I started my career in newspapers and radio before moving into the civil society and corporate fields. I started my own business, Quo Vadis Communications in 1996, but before that I formed and headed the Corporate Communications division of one of South Africa’s top financial institutions.

I’ve served on many boards, and have been the chairperson of the panel of judges for the Africa Region of the IABC Gold Quill Awards. I have also received an international Gold Quill Award for one of my publications.

I hope you enjoy my blog and benefit from it.

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